Welcome to the project website for the Kedzie Corridor Plan! A project of Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) and the City of Chicago.

How do you envision the Kedzie Corridor?

We are interested in your thoughts on what makes the Kedzie Corridor unique, from its history and culture, to parks and open space, to desires for the future.   This effort builds on  the recommendations of the 2005 Quality of Life Plan, by focusing specifically on how to bring jobs, affordable housing, and economic development to the Kedzie Corridor.

Public meetings have been held at Marshall Metropolitan High School to present the input collected and receive further comment on the plan’s direction and outreach process.  At these meetings, residents wanted to know what outreach efforts have taken place and for a commitment for additional outreach to make sure the ideas developing in the plan are shaped by local residents.

Outreach efforts to date have included:

Over 220 surveys have been collected (online and hard copies) which asked for input on what people would like to see in the corridor.  Key themes and suggestions include attracting fresh/healthy food options (grocery stores and locally-owned restaurants), coffee shops (to also serve as community meeting and information sharing centers), and a variety of retail.  Survey respondents also suggested developing diverse housing options for the neighborhood (housing for low-income families, seniors, single-family housing, and artist live/work spaces), while ensuring that unnecessary demolition cease and the existing home supply be rehabilitated.

Focus groups have been held for youth and adults, in which mapping exercises, surveys, and interviews were conducted for deeper feedback on community concerns and priorities.  Youth focus groups were held at George Westinghouse College Preparatory High School and with Breakthrough’s Youth Network.  Neighborhood youth shared suggestions for traffic, safety improvements, sidewalks, lighting, what stores they would like to see in the area, and what they like about the community.

Two resident focus groups were held with a diverse range of residents.  Feedback for the plan included access to fresh/healthy/quality food, celebrating African American culture and history through neighborhood branding, and creating safe public spaces for recreational or arts/music use.

Interviews were conducted with local businesses and restaurants, non-profit organizations, artists, and property owners.  The interviewees talked about the importance of supporting existing businesses, how to improve public safety, and improve communication between businesses and residents.

The project’s website has a feature called the “Comment Map”.  This allows the user to locate areas on a map and leave suggestions and comments for the plan or general improvements.  Key themes shared on the Comment Map include making transportation and bike lane improvements on Lake Street, making the CTA Green Line accessible 24 hours a day, addressing liquor stores and loitering, and planning for development that is pedestrian-friendly and does not have parking lots facing major streets.

Another form of outreach used by residents was a phone app created for the project.  Users can download the application onto their smart phone and access the project website, take the survey, upload pictures, and send comments and questions.  Submissions have included pictures where residents have suggested new development (neighborhood pubs, restaurants) and traffic improvements at key intersections (red lights and other traffic calming measures).

A number of residents have volunteered to become more involved through an expanded Steering Committee.  The Committee will review all of the input to date and begin to work on developing a working list of strategies and implementation projects.

To date, some consistent theme have emerged, including the importance of:

1)      creating jobs for local residents,

2)      preventing any displacement of existing housing,

3)      decreasing the number of teardowns,

4)      encouraging litter pick-up,

5)      expanding the Large Lot $1 Purchase Program to East Garfield Park, and

6)      promoting the neighborhood’s history and culture.


We want to make sure your voice is heard.  Please take the survey here, comment map here, or email your comments.



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Project Details

Welcome to the project website for the Kedzie Avenue Corridor Plan! A project of Chicago Metropolitan agency for planning (CMAP) and the City of Chicago.

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